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April 27, 2006

Resurrection Blues 2

Henri: It would be, let's say, like writing the history of Japan with no mention of the atomic bomb.--

(In the next paragraph after this)

Henri: Ancient people saw no difference between marvels and what we call reality -- for them the description itself was the reality.

Henri describes here that he thinks the man who thinks he is the son of God doesn't exist (that they made him up) I liked the quote he used a lot. I thought about how he said about there not really being any atomic bomb hitting Japan.... that makes me really think. It's like going back in time and changing the course of what happened in history. It seemed so weird for me to think about Japan and not relating that word with atomic bomb because that was such a big part in our history.

I liked the second quote because I know for a student taking a writing of fiction class this semester, when I think of a story plot I try to imagine myself in there. So in a way it's like a reality to me.

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