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April 30, 2006

Media reflection

Danielle Meyer

Dr. Jerz

Intro to Lit.

3 May 2006

Are You Up for It?

It is almost the end of my first year here at Seton Hill. My room is getting sloppier as I start to pack up my movie posters and memories stuck on pieces of paper (also known as photos). Homework is literally piling up on my desk, leaving papers to flutter from the wind and eventually getting blown away. Today is the last day of "Tv Turn-Off Week and quite frankly this was not that hard for me.

I have read a couple of peoples blogs saying how the media and tv are like satan for my generation. I do not think tv here and there is wrong for us. I used to watch tv all the time before college. Since coming to SHU, I have not watched tv really at all. I do not have cable in my room. Last semester I was busy with homework, considering I had seven classes on my shoulders. Even when I went home for breaks I did not watch much tv. When I wanted to, the chance was never available, for my sister and my mother were watching some tv at night. I then went back and sat at my computer for the night talking to my friends.

We had to go a step higher and not do any tecnological thing possible (unless we needed it for homework like our laptops). I am not going to lie, I watched one tv show this week and that was American Idol. I am assigned to watch a tv show and analyze it for class so I think that is pretty much exempt from this assignment since it was for another one.

Music is one of my passions. It is my version of air. To not be able to listen to music was hard. I do not listen to music when I'm doing my homework normally because it distracts me and I cannot concentrate so that was an advantage I did not need to try hard on. Besides homework, I listen to music almost all the time. It was hard for me to not be able to listen to music.

I think I am ahead of some people though. I see a lot of people listening to Ipods to their classes, in the gym, sitting outside, and etc. I do not have an Ipod. I listen to my cd player at the gym but I have not been there this week so I have not had the need to listen to my cd player. Also since I do not have cable in my room, I do not watch tv at my desk aimlessly instead of doing homework. Unfortunately I am on my computer a lot. It cures my boredom.

My friends and I have kept ourselves busy over this week so we extract ourselves from the tv and we have had a lot of fun as well. Some of my friends are in Dr. Arnzen's class so they were promoting this week. My friends participated in games of Twister, casino night and many other things that were going on around campus. A few of my friends and I went to Ohiopyle and found a really nice place to eat called the Firefly Grill. We then headed for a bonfire that kept us warm throughout the night. I aso went bowling on Wednesday night with a few friends too. It was fun and we plan on doing it again this coming Wednesday.

I have realized even more after this week that tv is not all it is made out to be. Yeah I watch a tv show here and there but there are people I know who watch it all the time. It is kind of sad on how wrapped our generation is connected to tv, actors/actresses lives, and all the gossip that plays on as well. Being at college has prevented me from watching tv as much as I used to back in high school. My best friend, Dominick, from home knows that I always watched tv and he cannot believe that I do not watch tv anymore. He does not know how I live without tv. A few of my other friends from home tell me the same thing and I tell them that I find other things to do that do not involve drinking or smoking. I hang out with my friends, go bowling, go to the movies, go rent movies, play video games (that might apply to technology in general though lol), read my books, do homework (even though I am forced to do it I still do it on time so I get the grade), and many other things. Being here at college has changed me because now I do not watch much tv. Instead, I think about things going on in my life and in the world and that is that is the way I like it (me thinking).

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