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April 07, 2006

Resurrection Blues

Ok first off I want to start by saying that I found this play to be a lot like how SHU performed ANtony and Cleopatra. The whole crucifixtion of this "criminal" but there's talk about modern technology, New York, and filming the crucifixtion. It reminded me a lot of the play.

Secondly, the way that Miller wrote the play was not how I read plays when I was in drama. There seemed to be less telling of what the actors are doing... their movements, actions, flailing arms, faceial expressions. The plays that I read when I was in drama in high school seemed to have a lot more of that. It was a struggle for me to picture what I was reading as I was reading it because of that.

Felix: The reaons you're depressed is...

Henri, grips his head: I beg you, Felix, don't tell me why I'm depressed!

Felix: ... It's because you're a rich man in a poor country, that's all... but we're moving, by god!

This kind of stumped me for a little. I can understand being depressed because you're rich. A lot of rich people are depressed or sad because of many reason. But being depressed in a poor country... would he be depressed because it is a poor country and everyone else is poor and here is this man who's rich.

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