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May 03, 2006




Here I wrote about how the article explains that Ceasar uses Antony to marry Octavia to rule out the threat of Cleopatra.


Here I talked about how I thought that Cleopatra was a "whore".


Here I talked about punctuation.


Here I talked about the "Yes!" and the "Ah!" factor.


Here I talked about how I basically didn't get Resurrection Blues in the beginning.


Here I talked about how I thought these two chapters were a little dry... at least more than the other ones we had to read in class.


Here I talk about how Hayles talks about a utopia and how the characters in Diamond Age are technologically dependant.


Here I talked about how I couldn't finish the book.


Here I talk about Henri


Here I talk about Jeanine.



Here I talked about my reflection towards TV Turn-Off Week. Dr. Jerz pushed our class a step further and made it Media Fasting Week!



Diamond Age is about the 21st Century. However, I noticed that some things in the book aren't in our generation so far.



This blog is also in my discussion section.


Here I wrote about hoe the book kind of made me not like it, the character Susie and how getting a pelvic exam from a former student would be mortifying to me.



Comment on Kevin's Blog


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Here I wrote about my summer plans and how the year is coming to a close.

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As our last text of the year I wanted to make sure that I got something out of this story, knowing ahead that it was about a woman that had cancer.

This story made me feel stuck. I thought it was a good story and there were parts that interested me. However, The big medical terms just turned me off as I kept reading them more and more... I tried to even pronounce some of them and I felt like a little girl back in 1st grade. I know that's the point of the play since Vivian is a smart professor but it wasn't my cup of tea.

On that note, I like the character Susuie a lot. I felt that yes, she might not have been the brightest character that' we've ever read as a class but she made sure that Vivian was ok. She made sure that she asked her if she wanted to b resuscitated or if she wanted to die when her heart stopped. In the end when the doctor's got a mix-up, she kept yelling that she was a DNR and everyone found out that she didn't want to be brought back to life. I thought that was really loyal of her and she went through with her word.

(very top of 32) Vivian: Yes, having a former student give me a pelvic exam was thoroughly degrading -- and I use the term deliberately -- but I could not have imagined the depths of humiliation that --

I would be mortified if my student was giving me a pelvic exam. I mean I can understand some random person.... but someone you know??? Sorry, but for me, that's just weird. I'd be beyond comfort for that to happen to me.

(top of pg 35) Vivian: You cannot imagine how time....can be....so still. I
t hangs. It weighs. And yet there is so little of it.
It goes slowly, and yet it is so scarce.
If i were writing this scene, it would last a full fifteen minutes. I would lie here and you would sit there.

I love how she said that time is still. Sometimes it feels like the days at school are going SUPER slow while others feel like it goes way too fast. For example, I can definitely remember many days when I felt them go slow but this whole entire school year has flew by astonishingly. Time is either with us or against us. I can only imagine that that feels more slower for Vivian seeing as she's the patient in a bed all day long. That would just really stink.

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May 01, 2006

Wildcard - The End is Coming to a Close

The end of the school year is coming up really fast. Homework is being piled on us students and all we want is for summer vacation to come. I can say I am one of them lol. This summer is going to be packed with things to do. I'm helping my mom mulch our whole yard (the garden part of course) for about a week. It might actually take that long too because we have more gardens than grass around my house. Then after that I'm going to my dad's house to help him fix it up so he can sell it. That means I'm probably going to be painting, throwing things out (in those big dumpsters too and believe me it always feels good to throw things out lol), mow the grass, wash my dog (yes I know that doesn't have to do with the house but she probably needs it), plant some plants, and move things out probably. There's probably more that I'll do I just can't think of anything right now. My friend Tom from home is also going camping sometime during the summer so hopefully I'll go camping with him. We went camping last summer and it was a lot of fun so I'd really enjoy going again. My best friend Dominick is trying to get a trip for us to go to Fenwick Island. If no one has ever heard of that it's in Delaware but practically neighbors with Ocean City Maryland. Right now we're just looking for houses or apartments to rent or a hotel room to go to. I don't know when that will be happening but I'm excited to do that. I've never been to O.C. so I really hope we get to go. I also hope to go to a lot of the summer blockbuster movies out this summer because a lot of them look good (Superman, X-men 3, mission impossible 3, Pirates of the Caribbean 2, The DaVinci Code and many more lol). I saw a lot last summer but I'm excited more for this summer's hits. I will probably also hang out with my friends from home as much as possible, especially Dominick. With the college that he goes to, he won't have anymore summer breaks after this summer so I want to hang with him a lot. That shouldn't be hard though considering he lives next door lol. I also hope to see a few college friends once and a while. I have plans for two of my friends to come down for a week... maybe shorter.. I don't know lol. I'm really hoping to go rafting this year too. My dad and I would always go rafting every summer but the past few we have been short on cash so I haven't been able to go. I miss it A LOT!!! Rafting is one of the most relaxing things ever. If not then I hope to go kayaking. There is a lake 10 minutes from my dad's house and he owns a kayak so maybe I'll get to go here and there. This year I'm planning not to get so burned though. Last summer I got so burnt that I had a sun blister. Those things are the itchiest things ever. So I'm using double lotion this time because I don't want to be an itch ball all throughout the summer. For the fourth of July, I hope to go to a party or to hang out with my friends. My friend, AJ, lives in town right next to the firehall. Every summer they have a carnival around that weekend and they let off fireworks for the fourth of July. We don't need to pay for them since we have pretty much front row seats that are free. There is also a waterpark called Camelbeach (also Camelback during the Winter season) that has fireworks as well. Hopefully I'll go to that too. There is a festival about 45 minutes from my town called Musikfest. It's a big festival full of unknown bands that play music. There are also bands that are known but not big time people. They do have big time bands there that play but you have to pay for the concert. One year they had people like Staind, Clay Aiken, Jesse McCartney, Steve Miller Band, Jon Bon Jovi, and etc. This year they're having Train, LL Cool J, Melissa Etheridge, Styx and Kansas, Carrie Underwood, Heart, and others. If anyone would like to see the website it is http://www.musikfest.org/. Go there and check it out.

There is other things that I'll probably do that I won't know about until last second. I would like to take the chance to say to everyone (even the people that's not in my Intro to Lit class) to have a great summer. Be safe and have fun!!

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