Sundiata; Changes

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  "The story of Sundiata has been passed down orally by men know as griots. Griots can described as poets, historians, singers, story-tellers, and public relations men rolled into one." (WM 443)

   While the quote is more reflective on the history of the story, the actually passage deals with the transferring of the tale, and how it has been transformed in order to meet the needs of specific cultures.  The first example has been Westernized, so that readers such as myself have an easier time reading it. The second, and perhaps more true to its original form, maintains a completely different flow and language (although they're both in English).  Neither passage is more correct than the other, because the importance of any story is that the main, underlying idea or thought is passed along to the audience. Variances in culture force us to alter passages in order for them to relate to the audience.  Again, the importance any story should be its ability to convey its message in a powerful and thought provoking manner, and if altering it in order to so is required, I see that as a necessary transformation. 


Kayla Sawyer said:

But should the genius of a story be altered to cater to the individuals of a culture, or should the individuals change?

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