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November 3, 2005

Problems with Restitution

Randall Robinson suggests in his article, "Thoughts about Restitution," that, "If… African Americans will not be compensated for the massive wrongs and social injuries inflicted upon them by their government, during and after slavery, then there is no chance that America can solve its racial problems-- if solving these problems means, as I believe it must, closing the yawning economic gap between blacks and whites in this country." Compensation is, however, an unattainable goal. It is important to balance the racial economic gap, but demanding the relinquishment of people's money and property because of century old events is preposterous.

Robinson says that in order for restitution, "The initiative must come from blacks, broadly, widely, implacably," which is true. Blacks must stop falling for the idea that because they were victimized in the past, it is not their duty to combat its effects. It is ridiculous to inspire a revolution based on gaining economic independence, and then suggest its first step to be getting money from other people. Further than ridiculous, it is unfeasible. The (white) American government would never subject themselves and their constituency to a major monetary loss in order to right something that no one living is personally responsible for.

While Robinson tells an extensive heart-gripping tale of the horrors of the white mans slavery, but he fails to mention that white men bought slaves from black slave owners in Africa. Are they to pay as well? Also he chooses not to propose a method for restitution payment, but rather asks, "Where is the money?" Large sums of money don't come from thin air, and if the government is paying for it, are whites to be taxed specifically until payment is complete?
Robinson's argument is interesting, but is more of a rant than a worthy statement. He suggests no solution in depth, and simply screams about injustice for pages, all without discussing the many sides of the issue.

Posted by DavidDenninger at November 3, 2005 10:30 AM


according to robinson speech is he basicly saying the problems with the "black and whites" will not be an easy job for the government to solve.

Posted by: anip chol at June 22, 2007 10:51 AM

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