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Since I've now completed a website vaguely reminiscent of, (but quite a bit funnier than) the "Sarah's Notecards" site in the book Creating a Web Page with HTML, I felt it was about time to blog about it.

I've mostly been, and continue to be, impressed with the simplicity of HTML. As one might expect, I have made a few mistakes, but I've always been able to correct them pretty easily. I've found it really helps to constantly refresh the website, and thus check it after every change. The only real problem I had was with the padding command, which we later found is no longer in use. Fortunately, the margin command has the exact same use.

Anyway, the website I created works just fine. I actually did go ahead and make the three pages that the homepage links to, just for practice. However, I'm constantly thinking of things to do to improve it. (Hopefully, I'll never find myself quite that bored) For example, I could put links from the pages back to the home-page, or other pages. I'd also, if this was in any way a website I planned on having anyone look at, make it so each image links to a page with a larger version of that image. The encouraging thing is that I actually do know how to do these things.

I really enjoyed this assignment, and am looking forward to similar tasks. Anyway, my site "Dave's Notecards" is right here. I have yet to create a PayPal account, so if you want to by any of the Postcards, or 6X8 posters, just comment here, e-mail me or accost me in the street. They make excellent gifts. For a limited time the posters are 10 dollars off if you buy the entire set.  

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