I Need to Delete My Webpages....Immediately.

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"Webwriting should present facts and ideas in terms of how they will serve readers. So be sure to talk more about your readers than about yourself."---Crawford Kilian Writing for the Web 3.0 p23.

This quote describes essentially the polar opposite of every website I've created for this class. Granted, the overwhelming display of narcisism was intended sarcasticly...sort of.

The first few chapters contained a great deal of useful information for writing for the Web (with a capitol "W".) The initial introduction, which discused the half-century migration from volumes of typed text, to the fluid, unfathomable expanse of the World Wide Web. It was really interesting to see the progression of organizational tactics that eventually led to what we have today.

The vast majority of the information was the universal sort. Advice about writing that really doesn't change. Kilian even used a quick quote from George Orwell. However, there were a few insignificant bits that seemed dated. When is the last time anyone saw a black and white printer? I've been out of color cartridges before, but I think the vast majority are color printers.

That bit was pretty insignificant, but the part about reading text from computer monitors, was not. I think that at this stage monitors show text that is just as clear as printed text. While one who sits at a computer reading text may come out of it with the same glazed look as one who has spent an equal amount of time staring into a little glowing quadrilateral. I don't think that resolution is really an issue anymore.   

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