The Happy Badger Exudes Confidence

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I spent a long time reading the Reagan Library. Its really really wierd, and Immpossible to link to any one page, as its constantly changing. Some of the text is randomly generated. It has random narratives between 4 different spaces, dimensions, or whatever one might call them. Within each one is a panoramic view, containing a landscape. Pictures in the landscape are links that I could not get to work on my browser. There are also links in the text though.

Each space has different color schemes, tones and objects that reside on its landscape. Each object has a little story with it. Each time you return to the object, the story is slightly changed. In theory, it is becoming more clear. One thing I noticed that was interesting about this method, is that each story seemed to contain a lot of random lines of gibberish (my favorite was "The Happy Badger Exudes Confidence") and cleverly altered cliches like: "If you can read this, you too are close." Intermingled with these are advice like: "count the dots", (These only appear in the red space, under the heading "notes") There are dots on each page indicating the number of visits. The more dots, the more comprihensible.

I eventually figured out that part of the reason they begin to make more sense, is that you automatically sensor out the old parts (which make little sense) and focus on the new parts, when you're reading it for the third time. I also noticed that many of the random gibberish lines were indeed randomly generated from lists of wierd phrases (like: The Happy Badger Exudes Confidence). This started to make more sense after I noticed the line: "Does the Noise Bother You?" (Something to this effect anyway, I clicked about 50 times and cannot get that same line again, so that isn't 100% definately word for word correct). Which makes a lot of sense. Much of the text struck me as random background noise. It was like sitting in a loud bar trying to talk to someone. At first you can't really hear them, but eventually the ambient noise just fades into the background.   

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