I think I've got my game about finished

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I've finally gotten the whole phone thing to work properly. Here are the most recent changes:

  • The cell phone now actually works once you put the battery in it. The part where you remove the battery from one cell phone to put it in another has caused me incredible amounts of difficulty. It's mostly a pain to program two objects with similar names, so that the player can somehow get the game to understand which object it's talking about.
  • I improved the descriptions on a few things, and hopefully made it a little easier to figure out whats going on.
  • I spent awhile trying to figure out a way to have the game always tell you what room you're in, only to find out that when you play a compiled version on a z-machine interpreter it does that anyway.
  • Oh, I also made it so you can't just stick things like blow dryers, pineapples, empty tequila bottles, paintings, womens clothing, etc in the phone. 

So, I still have the following left, but really don't want to change much until I get some testing done:

  • I need an ending. Right now when you accomplish the final goal it just says: "YOU WIN." Which I just find inadequate. I want to actually tell the reader the story of what happened the night before.
  • Also, I want to make my clues suggestive enough that the player can form some basic idea of what happened the night before, but vague enough that they still have unanswered questions.  
  • So to accomplish this I've gotta get some more testing done. I'm kind of thinking about just taking all the descriptions that offer flashbacks, and have people just read them in order to determine how strong of an impression of the story they get, so I can adjust them accordingly.
  • After I accomplish all this, I'll figure out which way to go with the ending.

With luck I'll be in better shape tommorow, as I should recieve some feedback from a couple people I e-mailed copies to by then. Oh, and if anyone wants to test it, just email me, and I'll send you a copy of it, as well as the interpreter you need to run it. 





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