My Game is Ready for Release! long as it comes with my phone number

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So I realized that detailed descriptions that hint at what the player should probably do with their surroundings might be helpful. Also all my rooms require some sort of action or thing to enter, and it wasn't clear that when the player was prevented from entering a room, they had actually not moved into the room. I'll need to fix that. I'm content with ALMOST all the coding in the game, for the most part everything works. I really just need to make the descriptions more useful, and entertaining. The story-line is a bit weak at this point.

Beside's walking Anne through my game (Due to the previously mentioned flaws), I also played Maddie's game. I just want to take this time to point out that Maddie's game is awesome and you should all play it. I learned a lot from it, too. For one she actually has well written descriptions for things....this is something I've been planning to add to my game, but haven't yet. I also like the use of the point system, which I may incorporate into my game. If I do, I plan on using a similar system as Maddie's wherein the player is arbitrarily awarded points for actions that don't necessarily relate to the overall objective of the game, but are entertaining none-the-less.

Overall it was a useful exercise, and it gave me lots of ideas for improving my game.  

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