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I think I've reached the point where I have no more valid input. I added a superfluous, yet fairly entertaining room yesterday, and realized it was probably time to stop. I've mostly been fixing my many typos and making my descriptions a little more awesome, but at this point I really just need to get some outside input in order to determine which direction I want to take. 

All the descriptions need to serve to purposes:

First, they need to reveal hints on how to solve the puzzles.

Second they need to reveal hints as to what the answer to the great question of the game is: What Happened?

In both cases, they really need to strike a fine balance. I don't want the puzzles so obvious that playing the game is essentially going through the motions while a story appears on the screen. It also can't be so hard that no one can complete it.

In terms of revealing what happened, they can't be so obvious that the player loses interest in figuring out what happened, but they have to hint enough that they maintain the player's interest.

As I know EXACTLY what happened, and EXACTLY how to solve each puzzle (It's been at least a week since I've actually read a word beyond the room name while playing) I'm quite literally the person least able to determine what direction my descriptions need to shift toward in order to reach the appropriate balance. I really just need to get some testing done in order to fine-tune this project. Despite my promises of future imbibable incentives, I've only gotten a few people to test the game. The especially problematic part of fine-tuning is that anyone who has tested the game previously, loses a good deal of validity as a test subject.

Anyway, all I really have to do, besides fine-tuning, is to write the ending. However, I need input from testers in order to ensure that the ending is neither too predictable, nor to impossibly unpredictable. Once again, the proper balance must be struck.    

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