What Happened? 1.0

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Alright, the moment that all have eagerly awaited is finally here. "What Happened?" is finally complete. It's available on my website


I've really made very few changes. But I think that those I made make the game a little clearer, or at least were fun to implement.

  • I made sure that everything mentioned in every description exists. It's very important to examine everything, and descriptions that don't work, can cause the player to give up on this.
  • I fixed a minor problem with some of my prohibitive conditions. In the bathroom one or two things that weren't supposed to be possible until after eating the aspirin were possible if it was carried, but not if it was in the cabinet or in the room.
  • I added randomly selected music in several rooms. (which was a pain and required altering the standard inform 7 rules).
  • I essentially added every concievable synonym, for actions and things.
  • I toyed with the idea of adding more random objects, but decided it would be pointless, and needlessly confusing.
  • I added a landing, so that one might go up the stairs, but not into the bedroom. Too many people didn't get that they were back in the hall after they tried to go up to the bedroom, but couldn't get in.
  • I fixed a little problem with the action that occurs when the player figures out the girl in the bed's name. Before it could be done in other rooms, which made no sense at all.
  • Lastly, I actually added an ending. It's just a brief phone conversation with a friend, describing your evening. 



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