Hey, I got the book!...thus, without further ado: Chapter 1

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I FINALLY managed to get a copy of the book. I apologize to anyone who also needs the book as I took the last copy at the bookstore....so now I can get caught up.


"What Is Literature, and Why Do We Study it?"   page 1, Writing About Literature by Edgar Roberts

So, I thought well, because its AWESOME, and then declined to read the chapter.

Then I got really bored, and read it anyway. As it turns out, literature expands our minds and imagination, it lets us see beauty in the world around us, and helps us to do a whole lot of other things (its a really long paragraph), that make us into better people in some way. Like I said, its awesome.

"Writing Does Not Come Easily--for Anyone" Roberts, page 16

I think that statement had best be qualified with the words "all the time." Writing comes easily for me, if its something I even moderately enjoy writing, and there is nothing good on TV. This line reminded me of the one time I actually was unable to complete a writing assignment (this is not the same as forgot to do or didn't have time to do). It was this freelance job I found online writing keyword content for some site. They were 200-300 (about as long as this is so far) words, of encyclopedia style info that paid $5 a piece, but you had to do at least 6 a week, and include the keyword a certain number of times. I figured I could write a couple an hour without any problems. As it turns out, that was so amazingly boring I could not do it. After an hour struggling with it, it was no longer worth it and I dropped the job. I guess the only point to this story, is that simply being a little bit excited about your topic, you can make the writing come much more easily.

So anyway, Roberts goes on to discuss all the different tactics, strategies, etc. related to writing about literature. To be honest, there was little suprising in that portion...but perhaps I've taken a few too many literature classes.

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