Daddy/Nazi Issues?

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Wow, I'm getting the impression that Sylvia Plath might have had a less-than perfect relationship with her father, who might have been a Nazi, or possibly a vampire. She certainly uses a whole lot of holocaust references for an American-born writer born in 1932, which seems sort of wierd. I guess she would have been thirteen at the end of World War II in Europe, so she it might have somehow impacted her. That somehow relating to her father seems a bit questionable if he died three years before that.  

Her poem "Daddy," is impressive as it combines a whole lot of dark, yet vivid images, with some lines that I doubt I'll ever understand. Oddly enough, these lines that I'll probably never understand like "The black telephone's off at the root" or "With your Luftwaffe, your gobbledygoo," still carry the poem along, and seem to fit. I guess I get what they're saying, I'm just not sure why she decided to say it that way.

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