Butchering Allusions in Famous Poems

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As I look at two versions of this poem, published in both an anthology and a textbook, and consider how many millions of people have read it, and how many thousands of places it's published...it's a little frustrating. (At least he's not collecting royalties). This isn't to say that it's a bad poem. The figurative language is quite good, but Cortez didn't discover the Pacific. Unless there is some clever joke that I'm missing, it's just a mistake that shouldn't be in a poem.

The reason this makes me bitter is that NO ONE would ever publish a poem of mine if I said that I felt like Chewbacca when he blew up the Death Star. (Though it would potentially have more to do with the Star Wars reference than the INCORRECT Star Wars reference). While I try very hard not to be critical of older literature, because they were writing in a very different time, (when there was aparently less competition) but I'm really bothered by innacurate information. 

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