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Chapter 6 of Roberts' book deals with setting. I guess for me this is a bit redundant. However, the suggestion that there are 3 basic types of settings: "Private homes, Public buildings and various possessions," "outdoor places" and "cultural and historical circumstances." First off, the list seems to contain several different things for each entry. While the first is man-made stuff, the second is natural and the last is temporal or cultural, this seems to leave a lot out. or at least have such vague meanings that one might as well just stick with "when and where the story takes place." 

While typically Roberts' general rules usually clarify literary elements, I think that this particular list convolutes things. If he needed a list physical, temporal and cultural would have made sense, and been a bit clearer.

As far as the given catagories go, there are some that can simply aren't listed. Technically, hell in Milton's Paradise Lost, isn't necessarily nature nor man-made. The world of Edwin Abbot's Flatland doesn't really fit into any of those catagories.  

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