just imagery?

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Flastaff: i do begin to perceive that i am made an ass.
Ford: ay, and an ox too:  both the proofs are extant.  (Merry Wives of Windsor, Shakespeare)


while reading, i found this where flastaff talks about being made an ass of and it reminded me of A Midsummer Night's Dream.  I researched this to see if A Midsummer Night's Dream came before or after and it was performed almost 4 years before Merry Wives of Windsor.  i thought that it was neat to see that Shakespeare either intentially or unintentially used examples of that play in this one.  there were more, just havent gotten as far as to point them all out.


Certain gimmicks, like a pie in the face or having a bucket of water dumped on your head, are standard gimmicks in old movies or vaudeveille stage shows. The Elizabethans had their own gimmicks, and you've noticed them if you see the sure-fire jokes Shakespeare re-uses.

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