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In Introduction to Literary Studies, we have been learning a lot of different types of writting and how we as individuals can interpret it in our own way without having to look into the "Big Book of Answers".  We have learned about poetry and numerous poets and have advanced into Shakespeare. 


As we read, we had to make web blogs.  Here is a list of mine:


Deana's Who Done It?


Deana's  If We Call a Rose by any other name would smell as sweet


Deana's Just Imagery


I haven't really had an interaction because no one has ever commented on my blogs even the ones that were on time, no body has commented on.


I had commented on Gretta's "Hidden Gems"




Hmm... about comments... you seem to have done a good job posting comments on other folks' blogs, so it's odd that you haven't received any comments at all. Obviously, posting more blogs on time will help attract people to your blogs, but another thing you can do is tell a classmate, "I'll comment on your blog if you comment on mine," and just sort of make a pact to read and contribute to each other's blogs.

Other things you can do to encourage people to read and comment is to post a comment that says, "Your entry gave me a good idea that I wrote about on my blog. I'd love to hear what you think!" and then leave a link to your entry. (Of course, this will work best if you post it early.)

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