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September 15, 2005

Machinal Reflection Paper

Denamarie Ercolani
Professor Jerz
September 15, 2005
Machinal Reflection

Machinal was a good play. However, I am getting tiresome of reading plays that have the same theme; woman marries for money, becomes unhappy, and kills her husband. I realized that Treadwell foreshadowed a lot during this play. As I said in my agenda item, I don’t whether she did it on purpose or accidentally.

Scene 7: Husband: You must be reading something.
Young woman: Woman finds husband dead.
Scene 8: Lawyer for Defense: …did you – on the night of June 2nd last or the morning of June 3rd last – kill your husband, the late George H. Jones – did you, or did you not?
Young woman: I did not.

David Denninger made a great point, “Many of the events that happen in the play are recognizably foreshadowed, but also interestingly, assumed or skipped. One scene it is talked about and foreshadowed, and in the next it's old news.” It really showed his point in scenes seven and eight. No matter how is came about, I did enjoy this book. I was in awe about it, but it was good.

I really did not understand the Young woman at all in this play. She wanted freedom from her husband. To get her freedom, she thought the best idea was to kill him with a bottle with stones in it. This was also foreshadowed in the beginning of the play. The Young woman was at a Speakeasy, where she met this man. He told her how he killed two men, with the same bottle she killed her husband with. The man explained why he killed the men, he wanted freedom. This amazed the Young woman and it gave her a good idea for her to get free from her husband. She falls for this man who she met at the bar. The man asks her to go back to his apartment and they have intimate relations. I wonder if he told her to kill her husband so that she could be with him.

I think that if we saw this play that we would like it better and get the whole meaning of the story. Besides that, I think that the meaning of Machinal is really make sure you are marrying the right person, don’t just marry someone for money. Money does not make you happy, love and family does.

Posted by Denamarie at September 15, 2005 03:40 PM


I disagree. I don't think the play was about money. I think it was more about capital punishment and feminism.

Feminism, because of all the "I will not submit" lines. Capital punishment, because it had me wishing they wouldn't kill her at the end. I wanted so badly for them to reconsider her motives and her sanity.

"I wonder if he told her to kill her husband so that she could be with him."

Then why would he tell the Lawyer for Prosecution about their relationship? I suppose you could connect that theory with the Lawyer for Defence's claim:

"LAWYER FOR DEFENCE: I suppose you didn't threaten him with extradition on some other trumped-up charge so that -"

Posted by: Kayla at September 15, 2005 07:52 PM

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