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September 26, 2005

Save my children or save my siblings?

Sophocles, Oedipus the King (Finish) -- Drama as Literature (EL 250)

Oedipus: ...Children where are you? Come quickly to my hands: they are your brothers-hands that have brought your fathers once clear eyes to this way of seeing-ah dearest ones, i had neither sight nor knowledge then, your father by the woman who was the soure of his own life!

Oedipus is very worried for his children. He does not ever say anything about anyone else, except his sons and daughters. However, he doesnt know whether or not to call his sons and daughters or his siblings. They were born from his wife, who was also his mother. I really admire Oedipus for caring so much for his "children" and how they are going to be raised. He goes on to say who will marry them considering their "fathers" past. I wonder how old his "children" must be, and whether or not they can understand the situation at hand. Also he confesses of his blindness to the truth that was told to him by Teiresia. He realizes that he should of believed him and Creon and not to think they were trying to back stab him.

Posted by Denamarie at September 26, 2005 08:35 PM


Yeah, it is a weird situation, having brothers and sisters as sons and daughters too. The whole idea of it seems so impossible to us. And yes, I agree that he cares a lot about them and he worries about their futures because of his past. I think this is another scene that shows he is in truth a good man, despite his crimes. This is why he is a hero, even though he was really upset about the truth and blinded himself, he is not just moping around going "woe is me, life sucks so much for me, and everyone should feel sorry for me." He is concerned at least concerned about how it will affect his children.

As far as how old they are, I am not totally sure about the boys, bout the girls I believe are still quite young and they can't really understand what is happening. If you ever read the play Antigone, that is mainly about Oedipus' daughters and sons and what happens to them when they are older

Posted by: Lorin Schumacher at September 27, 2005 08:41 AM

I considered that play for EL250, in part because of the debate between one's duty to the gods and one's duty to the state. I dropped it at the last minute because our syllabus already pretty full. Please feel free to refer to that play in your reflection or in a paper or -- dare I say -- on your blog.

At any rate, I'd be happy to hear your thoughts.

Posted by: Dennis G. Jerz at September 27, 2005 01:09 PM

Doesn't this remind you of something that you'd see on Jerry Springer? Or Maury? "My Dad is my brother!!" But it is interesting that he cares so much about his children.

Posted by: Chera Pupi at September 27, 2005 02:47 PM

Yeah Chera it definatly is similar to a modern day thing we'd see on Jerry Springer or some shady show like that.

I found Oedipus' last minute love for his children intersting, as well. It is obvious he really does care about his children and wants the best for them.

I have read Antigone, too, and picked up on it also Lorin.

Posted by: AmandaNichols at September 27, 2005 04:47 PM

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