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October 12, 2005

Tribune Review Reflection

After looking through the newspaper yesterday and going over it in class, i came up with my idea for my editorial. I was looking at the living section when i saw this article/editorial called "School work: How much help is too much? Parents should be involved - not wrapped up - in their kid's education." As i read it, i related to in a way, not academically but with my athletics. I know and see many parents that get to involved in the sports. I personally experienced this situation with my dad, he coached me in some of my sports. I also know many other kids who had their parents as coaches. This was also on tv a couple months ago where parents force their kids into sports and expect way to much out of them. So i thought that this would be a great idea for my editorial considering it is a topic that is growing. In the article it said " ...it could hurt their self-esteem if their parents are looking at them as incapable." Or like with sports, not competitive enough or a loser (game wise).

Posted by Denamarie at October 12, 2005 01:32 PM

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That is a really good idea. I can understand where you are coming from because my mom was the varstiy assistant girls soccer coach for Somerset High School. (This was the high school that I played for.) My parents didn't force me to play any sports. Everything was kept at an option. I chose to take an active part in sports and in return, my parents got involved. I was never pushed or felt obligated to participate in any sport. As a matter of fact, when things got too busy (My senior year, I was playing soccer, basketball, cheering, running track, and trying to fit five hours of dance classes in a week and it just wasn't working) my parents told me that studies come before everything else and I needed to drop an activity. Reluctantly, I dropped dance and although I missed it (I had been dancing for 13 years) I was happy with my decision. I finally had just a little time for myself. Anyway..BACK ON TOPIC...I think that your article would be a very good topic to write about. If you need a quote, just ask me! I am willing to interview because I have been in that situation...

Posted by: Elyse at October 12, 2005 05:35 PM

I, too, was thinking about doing an editorial response to this article.

I posted an entry on my blog discussing the article:


Jason posted an entry about it, too:


Posted by: ChrisU at October 12, 2005 05:37 PM

Oh, thats neat. I'll check the websites out. Well good luck with you editorial! Thanks.

Posted by: Denamarie at October 13, 2005 12:10 PM

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