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November 03, 2005

AP Guide to News Writing CH 9-10

When you write an article or a story you dont want it to be plain, boring and real simple; you want to give it life. So when journalists want to liven up their story they add color. Not color like pink, blue, etc.; but "tiny details of splash." This type of color is a way of seeing the story. It makes you feel that since you know the details you were there. But you have to watch out with color. You have to chose the correct time and story to add some splash. You can over do it with color. Sometimes there is just to much detail in a story that you feel that you are reading a book of adjectives; you dont want to do that.

Cliches are also a commonly used 'color'. You really have to watch out when you use a cliche. Make sure it is needed, it is correct, not in quotation marks, and dont tinker with it. Most cliches are metaphor or similies that have not died yet. Make sure that your cliche is not long, they are suppossed to be quick, short.


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