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November 03, 2005

It Ain't Necessarily So CH 10 and Conclusion

Is it safe to just look one way before crossing the street or pulling out of a neighborhood? Do you know where your blind spots are in your car? Well tunnel vision and blind spots in journalism is almost the same as with driving etc. If you read an article in a newspaper and only look in one direction of it, and being totally oblivious to the other explanations may cause danger. You are not seeing the full picture. But sometimes in journalism you can't help but look in one direction; the writer may write a certain way that doesn't allow you to see two or more explanations or directions.
The authors believe that tunnel vision and blind spots are the "intellectual shortcomings that bedevil thinkers" that is true, but can we really help it.

In conclusion to this book, i think that is was in a way very biased towards certain papers and that in a way is not good journalism in itself. But i think it also allowed us to see the bad news, research and information is given in journalism. It helped us to open our eyes and to not believe everything that is written.

Posted by Denamarie at November 3, 2005 11:04 AM

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