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November 18, 2005

Professor Bernhardi Reflection 2

Denamarie Ercolani
18 November 2005
Bernhardi Reflection 2

PRIEST: ...I expressed my conviction without hesitation that you attitude towards me at the sickroom was in no way actuated by the feelings of hostility towards the Catholic Church.
The Priest understands that Bernhardi did not mean to offend the Catholic Church or anyone a part of the church; but someone did and now the government is involved. Religion is a real touchy subject and when someone does or says something about their religion they become offended. Someone was really offended when he denied the Priest to see the girl, however, Pflug knows that Bernhardi wanted the best for his patient and did not wish to waken her to the terrible reality; the reality that this young girl was going to die. That is his whole fault. This was his crime. This and nothing else. Bernhardi did nothing wrong, but what was natural and proper.
Andy and I both blogged about a related subject. The matter was between the Priest and Bernhardi. Andy was a little confused as to why the Priest would come to see Bernhardi and try to make peace with him. After all of this tension throughout the dialog, the Priest suddenly reaches out his hand and seems to make peace before he leaves. I think that the reason he did this is because he is a Priest and forgives. He is not supposed to hold a grudge because that is not what God would want. I think that this shows a lot of character of both the Priest and Bernhardi. Even though they had differences in religion, they were men about the whole situation and came to peace with one another and made up. They forgave one another. Andy was totally right when he said, "Up until this point the audience isn't totally sure who's right or wrong. Now they can see that no one is right and no one is wrong. It is a disagreement in religion that causes a conflict." This is true; there is no bad guy or good guy.

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