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February 10, 2006

Nature Poems

Poetry Selections -- Jerz: Intro to Literary Study (EL150)

Here are all my thoughts on the poems due for class on monday.

The Little Turtle--Vachel Lindsay
I thought that this poem was very elementary. It literally was from a little girls mouth. It is very cute, but I don't get any literary meaning out of it. The only thing i got out of it is that it is very good with the rhyming aspect of a poem.

The Turtle--Ogden Nash
This was a very short poem. The turtle is so fertile the author says, but we never know what sex it is, male or female? to ponder this question is to lead you in insanity. Why do they cover their sex, how do they reproduce in such great numbers? We will never know. Why do you think the author wrote this poem, I sure don't know.

Trees--Joyce Kilmer
The personification in this poem is ridiculous. It was great to see how the author depicted the structure of the tree to a human. "...lifts her leafy arms to pray" as well as "a nest of robins in her hair". I thought that this was a spiritual poem. It talked a lot about god and how the tree came about, by god. It is connecting nature to god, which he created.

The Swing--Robert Louis Stevens
This poem made me want to go back to the years of elementary school. I just wanted to run to a nearby park and swing away all my worries. I think that was the whole point of the poem. A child has no problems, but they are swinging into the years where they will cross paths with difficulties in life. I wish i could just swing to the good part of my life.

Happy Thought--Robert Louis Stevens
There are so many things in the world that are great. Forget about the bad and difficult situations in life. Don't worry about petty things. Be happy, life is great, enjoy it.
"...happy as kings."
This quote is not the best. Are kings really as happy are they are perceived to be, or is it just a cover up? I personally dont think they are happy. They are in this castle with servants to do anything they want them to do. I think they wish they could just be normal. I think that the author put that similie in on purpose. Dont always wish you were a king or a celebrity, you have something they dont have.....HAPPINESS.

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