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February 22, 2006

Who really has the power

Antony and Cleopatra (Acts III-V) -- Jerz: Intro to Literary Study (EL150)

She once being luffed,The noble ruin of her magic, Antony, claps on his sea wing, and, like a doting mallard, leaving the flight in height, flies after her. I never saw an action of such shame; experience, manhood, honor, ne'er before did violate so itself.

As I said in class today, you will find out who really has the power in the second half of the play. Scarus, a friend of Antony's, realizes that Clepatra has the upper hand in their 'relationship'. After Cleopatra took her ships out of the war, Antony being like a lost puppy without her by his side, followed her and just left his army to fight Ceaser.

Enobarbus even said that her "presence needs must puzzle Antony", and it did. She left him out to dry while in the midst of battle and he did not get angry, except kind of understood where she was coming from and left. HOW STUPID CAN HE BE?!

Antony doesnt know who he really is and thinks that being with Cleo, the Egyptian beauty, will solve all his worried needs. The thing is, he doesnt realize that Cleo uses her power from Antony, his vulnerability to her beauty and the need for her love, to get what she wants and help her image.

I think it was fullish of Antony to kill himself after hearing the news that she was dead. He reminds me of a lost puppy.

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