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April 09, 2006

Chapters 4 and 5

Truss 4 & 5 -- Jerz: Intro to Literary Study (EL150)

Reading chapter four really opened my eyes to the use of italics because I never used them because I didnt understand the purpose of them in a middle of a sentence. All I knew was that it was to make one word stand out. I actually did think that if you put all the italic words they would make a sentence to better define the book. Well that was when I was younger. As I grew up, I thought of them to be foreshadowing words.
"Italics have developed to serve certain purposes for us that we never stop to question" (146). This really described my feelings towards using the italic print other than for the use of titles.
The section of quotes actually to me was better defined in EL227, where all we really used were quotes. I think that I got the hang of using quotation marks.
The usage of hypens is very confusing to me besides the fact for using them for numbers, breaking words up or for the continuation of a word because of alignment. Other than that...WOW. I am totally confused when to use them. I know we went over this a little in a previous class, but rule 10 is quite confusing.
The dash is quite useful, yet can be confusing at times. "Wait for it," the single dash seems to whisper, with a twinkle if you're lucky." This little quote helped me with the use of the dash.
"When a hypenated phrase is coming up, and you are qualifying it beforehand, it is necessary to write, "He was a two- or three-year-old."
I don't understand why there is a hypen behind the two followed by a space. I just need some clarification on that.
I agree with Truss on the fact that hypens are "just a big bloody mess and is likely to get messier."
It is wonderful that we learn something new everyday, thanks to Truss.

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