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April 16, 2006

Diamond Age Part Two

Stephenson, Diamond Age 2 -- Jerz: Intro to Literary Study (EL150)

"Because I dont want to live that way...to us, the things that the Atlantans do---- dressing up in these kinds of clothes, spending years adn years in school----are irrelevant. Those pursuits wouldnt help us make beautiful things, you see."
This book is made for decades to come, but it is very, well at least this line does, similar to the way society is today. It is all about who you are associated with, what you wear, what you drive and what your occupation is.

"During this period, Princess Nell and the other characters in the Primer found themselves eating a lot of sausage and eggs too, until Duck lodged a protest and taught the Princess how to cook healthier food. Nell, then got in the habit of cooking a healthy meal with salad and vegetables, several afternoons a week after she got home from school."
This part really relates to me in the manner that I eat healthy and eat lots of salad and vegetables. I think that this also shows how the book is very helpful for her and how it has taken this poor, harmed and unloved child and turned her into a growing, prospering woman. I think that this is a great part of the plot. It also shows that even though everything is technological there is still hope for real, normal humans to be out there.

"In your Primer you have a resource that will make you highly educated, but it will never make you intelligent. That comes from life. Your life up to this point has given you all of the experience you need to be intelligent, but you have to think about those experiences. If you dont think about them, you will be psychologically unwell..."
This time of the book really shows how the Constable is really trying to be a part of her life and showing Nell that he truly cares and wants to help her. I think that he is also telling her not to base everything off what the Primer tells her. There is other facts of life that the Primer doesnt know about, and that information is more helpful than the Primer.

Question to the class: Do you think the Primer was a helpful asset to her life? Or was it directing her into the Vicky way?

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