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May 02, 2006


To start off, I really enjoyed this book a whole lot. I think that this book fit in very well because not only are we English majors but it also dealth with Donne who we looked at earlier.

While in the hospital, Vivian refers to her scholarship a lot. "I have made an immeasurable contribution to the discipline of English Literature. I am, in short, a force" (17). It seems that she keeps referring to her degree as the time of her cancer limits her life.

On page 35, the line "It hangs. It weighs. And yet there is so little of it. It goes so slowly, and yet it is so scarce." This line is very deep and moving and describes her true feelings of her life at that moment, especially because of her cancer. This line is just so moving.

I noticed towards the end during the flashback with her students they ask her why Donne made everything so difficult and used wit. The one student responded that they thought he hid behind his wit. This really opened my eyes to Vivian's wit and how she used it ealier in the book. In a way she was hiding from the chance of her dying. She was trying to hid as long as possible behind this wit. But she then discovered she was losing pieces of herself and called it quits basically. She was a lot like Donne in the sense she hid behind wit.

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