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What about the critics we've read so far has been most stimulating?

The most stimulating idea that I have read so far in our Literary Criticism class is the essay "Shakespeare and the Idea of Obedience:Gonzalo in The Tempest" by Paul Yachnin.

As Tiffany said in her blog, "the background information about this time period also helps to make the argument about obedience applicable to the play". The main idea behind Shakespeare's character Gonzalo in "The Tempest" is to emphasize the idea that you must obey those that control the government no matter what your political or religious views are; an order is an order.

Even though I sometimes question whether or not we should focus in on the history of the author and the time, in Shakespeare's work, it seems, as Karissa pointed out, nearly impossible to read much of Shakespeare without looking at the history around it.

The evidence provided in the essay formed a solid argument that was original and intriguing. Yachnin's argument says that even though Gonzalo was committing treason against Prospero he was allowing the city to continue to exist.

Yachnin's essay on obedience and Gonzalo clarified a lot of my questions about the play considering I watched a play version on tape and the argument presented was profound and original and one that I never would have picked up on if I did look at the historical criticism of this time.


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