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I was not expecting a musical to come out of this play.
The Seton Hill University performance of Everyman was very good.
I enjoyed it even though it was more of a musical than a play.

I also read this play last year in Dr. Jerz's Drama as Literature class.
Within this play, there is an immense amount of drama and fear.
God sends Death to Everyman, or the group of five humans, to tell them to prepare to meet the Lord. The play still stands today because it shows the audience that we can't let sin or vanity get the best of us and also reminds us that good deeds are the most important.

The dramatic image that Death will come for every one of us and that faith, strength, beauty, fellowship, etc. alone are not sufficient for the Christian to go to heaven. The only figure to accompany Everyman into his grave is Good Deeds.

This play represents the reality of the world today.


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