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"Similar to teh diea that the Ode portrays a dream world is the idea that it is Platonic; the world set apart from the real world is representative of absolute reality: "Beauty is eternal; in its concrete reality it is a symbol, a 'shadow' of the absolute; its tangible, visible being merely a mode of revealing divine, ideal immutable turth." In the world of the Absolute, "Beauty is truth, truth beauty." That is all that Man knows or needs to know on earth."

WOW. That is a lot.

I became very intrigued when I read this one interpretation. Keats' idea of ideal beauty in his poem is represented in the line "Beauty is eternal; in its concrete reality it is a symbol, a 'shadow' of the absolute", explaining that not only is beauty on the outside, but it is an intimation that the only thing Man knows is beauty and that is what is absolute.

From this interpretation about the Absolute, the perfect, it seems that there is almost an underlying message that the truth or even the reality of the world is that beauty is what makes and breaks you and that Man is the only one who understands that and confers with it.
Or even that a dream world of perfection is all about beauty because that is an indisputable fact of the world..

If I am missing something, just let me know. This is just what I got from it.



Erin said:

I think you have the right idea! Both eternity and the concept of beauty are right there in front of the speaker on the urn. He realizes that true beauty never fades and that knowing the Absolute involves acknowledging that.

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