The Tempest

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I did not read this story; however Lorin, Kevin and myself watched in on 5th floor Maura.

It was quite an experience watching a Shakespeare play on televison. It seemed almost a little wrong.

I did not detest against "The Tempest", I just think I would have got a lot more out of the story if I read it. Due to the massive amounts of readings I already had, I thought that I would take the short cut and watch it.

I thought the storyline was interesting being that there was magic and spirits and an island as well as the protagionist trying to make things right with Alsono and his brother, Antonio, once and for all.

I am going to steal a little bit of Karissa's thunder with the idea that this whole story took place in one day. It was a relief to know that there weren't any confusing time details to worry about, even though it seemed like a lifetime watching this 1980's produced play.

Another thing that was interesting was the idea that Prospero creates the tempest, causing his enemies’ ship to wreck and its passengers to be dispersed about the island. I thought that this was odd being that Alonso is an enemy of his as well as Prospero looks to his magic to make both Alonso and his brother to have remorse from banishing him from Italy with his daughter.
Almost like a blackmail, wouldn't you say.



Karissa said:

Haha, it's okay! I'm glad that the one time, one place thing helped you. It's probably one of the best things about "The Tempest."

You didn't mention anything about Miranda and Ferdinand--I'm curious to know what you think, and how the movie presented their relationship.

Tiffany said:

Blackmail! Exactly! And isn't it interesting that Prospero just happens to know that his brother is sailing on that day seeing as he had been exiled for 12 years?

Like yourself, I really like the fantastical happenings in this play compared to some of Shakespeare's other plays. It is acually one of my favorites. I never thought to look at Ariel trying to bring the brothers back together through his magic. I always just thought of him as trying to follow orders so that he could be set free. Something to think about for sure.

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