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March 24, 2007

Art of Persuasion

Murfin and Ray, Bedford Glossary of Critical and Literary Terms -- Jerz EL312 (Literary Criticism)

Throughout the introduction and in the other readings, there was a common word used, rhetoric.

Rhetoric is the art of persuasion through speaking and writing.
There are five components or rhetoric:
1- invention > the argument or evidence
2- disposition > the arrangement
3- style
4- memory
5- delivery

Along with these five components of this persuasive art there are also three different types of rhetoric.
1- deliberative > to persuade toward a course of action
2- epideictic > to praise or blame
3- forensic > to establish a positive or negative opinion

Rhetoric is a way of using language effectively whether it is in speech or writing to please or persuade. This is used in all types of literary works whether the persuasion is conscious or unconscious.

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