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"It takes a theory to catch a theorist."

Okay, so the only part of the story that I got a sense of what exactly Postmodernism is was on pages 24 and 25.
"...a condition or theroy, a collection of beliefs and values and attitudes that, though we might not realize it, shapes our consciousness and our society. We find it in the way we mix up different styles and genres in the arts and's a way of understanding the world and of living."
Everything we do is based on our culture and society. The characters in the book acted on the murder based on their specfic culture and consciousness. In a postmodern world, nothing is simple anymore. There is no coherence or linearity in a postmodernist's life.

"It's like a murder mystery that doesn't identify the killer for the readers" (26).
Foreshadowing much?
It seems to me that Postmodernism is an unsolvable criticism and is quite meaningless even though it subtly shapes our contemporary consciousness.

Like Kevin said on Mitchell's blog, in a postmodern one can be trusted. Critics of postmodernism are looking for the very best answer and are willing to do anything to get it.


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