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March 25, 2007

enjoy the beauty and power of your innocence

Wright, ''The New Psychoanalysis and Literary Criticism'' -- Jerz EL312 (Literary Criticism)

"Reading a text is no longer considered an innocent activity. Post-structuralist criticism undermines the notion that the text contains a stable meaning. The author's intention is not only not recoverable but was never where he might have thought it was in the first place" (393).

Reading is no longer a leisure activity. No matter how you read a story, there is a stable meaning that is not recoverable because not even the author knows where it is. Everyone is blind when reading a piece of literature because we can never see the stable meaning.

Also, readers are most likely to go by their intutition when reading a work, but there is a limit to the explicability which any theory or intutition has. Our intutitions only allow us to get so far; our intutitions allow for us to become blind when reading.

Another point is that meanings grow but are not constituted by the language in which they appear. One should not allow for a game of verbal association to appear when reading and forget about their relevance to the world at large. The audience should allow the context to emerge from the work rather than stress out about the obvious and whether it is the right interpretation.

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