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"The best way to ease oneself into this structuralist perspective is to take linguisitcs as a model and to think of the relationship between an utterance and the speaker/hearer...the question of linguistics askes is how is this possible, and the answer, of course, is that you bring the act of communication an immense amount of implicit, subconscious knowledge" (290).

The physical sounds extracted from any sentence allows for a reader to give it a meaning. The phonological system of English allows us as readers to relate the sounds to abstract and relational phonemes of English. Our grammatical system is so complex that fully understanding it is hard. The grammatical system enables us to assign a structural description to a sentence. Once we recognize the parts of the sentence, the grammar, the form we being to assign an interpretation to a string of sounds.
Once we are able to assign an interpretation to a sound and sentence, the divisions of linguistics see easier to apply to the sentence. The linguistics is just a starter for understanding the structuralistic view of any piece of work. The arrangement of words, meaning of words, derivations of words as well as the sounds of words are apart of a structuralistic criticism. Our knowledge we gain from the sequence of sounds and our subconscious knowledge allows for readers to better understand this criticism; it is a baby step.



Erin said:

Wow, those were some great observations! It's funny that learning one simple thing about linguistics just as we learn about structure can make or break the way we criticize a work.

Kevin said:

I think the best comparison I could make to this is if you go to Dr. Jerz office and read the article from The Onion he has hanging on the wall by his door.

(edit: I found the article online - you can read it here )

It uses these common words that we are so well established with, but no longer adheres to the structure of grammar we've always known.

Kevin, I never even thought of applying that article... great idea!

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