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What is normally a simple, easy reading became this twisted, confusing introduction that seemed like Keesey decided to go off on a tangent and talk about everything.

Okay, so the poststructuralism is the deconstructing of a text to show how it was constructed which will reveal its underlying metaphorical base. It is noticed throughout the reading, well mainly at the end, that poststructuralism is applicable to all aspects of culture and thought.
Most deconstructive critics have been mainly focused on literary and philosophical texts; however, many other writers ahve been applying this criticism to the ideas and analytical strategies to layers of cultural coding.

"...all culture is a language, then the deconstructive critque of language will similarly destabilize all cultural codes" (350).

So all in all, poststructuralism looks deeper into ideas and theories of structuralism. It is not trying to break through this criticism but to become an extension of it.



Dave Moio said:

I think in addition to looking deeper, poststructuralism looks at the text differently than structuralism. It tends toward the peripheral themes in the text to explain the central themes.

Or maybe not.

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