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"Here all writing and all speech is fiction in a timeless present without presence, adn the subject celebrates its own non-being in an infinite space where there is no room for politics" (Belsey 430).

So Belsey is stating that between literature, history and politics there is a connection while arguing against deconstructionists who take it that there is no such thing as meaning, adn in consequence, since meaningless language is literally unthinkable, that words mean whatever you want them to mean.
Along with the above quote, this meaningless language idea is almost related to fiction in a timeless presetn without presence and that in this infinite space it shows its own self. There seems to be an evaporated meaning of text that are from the past in the present. It almost seems that the language is almost useless to us because of the difference in cultures. This evaporation of meaning leaves us with no place to analyze meaning and that ther is no possibility of tracing changes of teh meaning/history.
Belsey argues this and says that it the text within a work shows everything about change in history.



Erin said:

I think that is dead-on. Especially the last line. We get so many clues about culture just by the simplest phrases.

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