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Thanks Jay.

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I just want to thank Jay for his input on my paper.
I looked over his and was unable to find anything wrong with it.

Reflections on Term Projects

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I am only going to tak about a few presentations. Sorry if you weren't one of them, I hope you are not offended. This is just very time consuming.

A Little 411 On My Term Paper

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Here is just a little bit of what I am doing for this wonderful 15-20 page paper.

ENJOY and feel free to leave some comments : )

Blog Carnival - Education and Criticism

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Blogging Portfolio III

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This blog portfolio is short and sweet. This does not show the full extent of my literary growth throughout this class but it does show how I have turned out. Each week I think I have progressed from a sophomore in a hard upper level class to a sophomore who has accomplished more in this past semester in this one class than in her whole high school career.

Through many blog entries presented in blogging portfolio I and blogging portfolio II and presentations, not only have I learned through Dr. Jerz, but also through my peers, and I thank you all.

The blogging readly helped me and I think for many of the other students to keep track of our thoughts. For our critical exercises, to clear up confusion on a particular topic, discussions, projects, and papers, I used our blogs as a reference to all the criticims we have learned.

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