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Tiffany posted a blog carnival question regarding teaching literary criticism and education. Even though I am not an education major here at Seton Hilll, even though I used to be, I still find this subject very interesting.

We may not have known it when we were in school but our teachers in school approached literature in a particular fashion that eventually affected us more than we thought.

If I was to pursue my teaching career, which I am thankful I decided against, I would not just teach only a few criticisms, but I would present my students to all the criticisms, and as we do in this class, I would then pick a piece of literature and choose a particular criticism and in class discuss their take on criticizing the work with this type of criticism.

By doing this, as Karissa mentioned in her blog, it would 1) keep their attention, 2) create interest in the work itself (and not just in the pieces of the work), and 3) help them help themselves (and each other) understand both the work and the type of criticism at the time.

I would introduce the students to both the background of the author as well as the history during this specific time period to see if it had any effect on the work as a whole.

I would want to emphasize the flexibility of the study of literature and emphasize to the students that there is more to literature than the plot and that there is never a "right" answer to the work, there is only endless possibilities that one needs to explore through different types of criticisms.


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