Reflections on Term Projects

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I am only going to tak about a few presentations. Sorry if you weren't one of them, I hope you are not offended. This is just very time consuming.

Congratulations to everyone for doing a fabulous job on the projects. Every project was unique and original and made very strong arguments and comments : )

Karissa and Jay's presentation was very original and was a breath of fresh air to see that for once we could use slang and improper language. Their idea and argument was that AIM chat could be a literary form of its own. They explained that with its pervasiveness, IM language is becoming a genre all its own and it has conventions like any other, and develops as the technology does. AIM chat can be seen as a lack of form, but the reality of the language is that the lack of "form" creates the newer version of form.

Even though I am not a fan of fantasy literature, Valerie and Tiffany's presentation was very informative and original. The website/blog they created with the outside links were very useful and creative. They explored the books of J.K Rowling's, particulary Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, through several theories we have studied in class, mostly Canon, Authorial Intent, Reader Response, and Freudian.

Gina and Mitchell and their project is next. Their main idea was about the ideal viewer of children's programs.The idea of an ideal viewer would be proposed from the standpoint of the creators of the programming. This leads us to a more mature adult standpoint, not the innocent point of view of a child. Which leads to the question then, is the ideal viewer really the ideal viewer for children’s programming. Their arguments and use of outside material, the videos online, supported their arguments by showing that even though the main viewers of the shows are children, most of the content is for the adult viewer.

The rest of the presentations were great. Every project was completely different and used different kinds of criticisms. Through these presentations, it gave me a different viewpoint and a better understanding to the criticisms.


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