Thanks Jay.

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I just want to thank Jay for his input on my paper.
I looked over his and was unable to find anything wrong with it.

As our peer reviewing process began, I was a little worried knowing my partner was Jay. I was expecting him to rip apart my paper and make me feel like a horrible writer; however, I was surprised when he said that I had a very good start to my paper, I just need to add more with the Id and the Superego into my paper to support my psychoanalytic criticism in "The Tempest" and Cinderella.

As he was looking over my paper, I glance over and see that my first whole page is covered with his pen. Most of his comments were constructive and helpful and a lot of them were positive remarks on my ideas and sentences.

Looking over Jay's paper, I could not really find a lot of problems except for use of the same word in his paper, which I also did in my paper. Jay was very clear and precise with his arguments and ideas as well as went in depth into his paper. His structure was well done and it is noticed that he organized in a way to prove his argument in a great way.


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