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"Maybe it's no surprise, given how empowering it can be to have one's own thoughts transported instantly across the globe."
-Freedom of speech redefined by blogs

The power of the 1st amendment allows for all the right to freedom of speech as the right to hold opinions without interference. With the help of weblogs, social networks, e-mail, and other forms of communication, we, the people are able to freely write about our opinions and thoughts. In the article it explains that a fellow Seton Hill graduate was harassed by football players after they read his blog about why Seton Hill shouldn't have a football team and how a Duquesne student was disciplined after posting remarks about gays on facebook. So basically, you can write whatever you want, just be aware of the repercussions that may follow.

When we write on our blogs, we are allowing the world to view our thoughts and opinions with a simple search on google or any other search engine. For example, when I type my name into google, the first link is to my weblog. A little embarassing, but empowering at the same time. With a simple mouse click, the world can review my writing, my thoughts, my creativity and passion on my blog. I have experience my internship bosses reviewing my Seton Hill blog from time to time and having them ask me questions about topics I discussed.

Having my words transported instantly across the globe is kind of overwhelming knowing that anyone is able to view my blog and comment as well. That is why when I write on my academic blog, I know who my audience is and try to use that in my writing.


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