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It's all about the blog. So basically there are 5 different types of blogs: personal, job, specialist, news, and advocacy. Well, our Seton Hill blog can fit under any of these categories. We can blog about personal ideas, we do it for a job (college counts as a full-time job), we have become specialist in the field of writing for the internet (well, we are getting there), we have blogged about news events such as the smiley or Palin's e-mail hacker, and we do advocate ideas through our words (whether or not teachers should have Facebook).

In section 6.3, Kilian explained that "bloggers usually welcome comments, but this function has hazards. Some comments may be abusive or even defamatory. Others can be 'comment spam,' planted to attract your visitors to pornography or gambling sites." Well I haven't had anyone direct to porn or gambling sites that I know of, but this semester I had "MS", a teacher, write an comment on my blog arguing my idea of this new text language. Dr. Jerz then stepped in and replied back to "MS" on my blog and later created a whole new blog about this topic going in depth. I later wrote an essay type blog on this topic, again.

So as for comments, they can be good or bad, but all in all, they are a form of expression.

The section on Personal Sites for Self-Marketing wasn't new to me. I have actually gone to internship interviews where they searched my name on Google and found my blog. During the interview, they asked me about it. I was blown away that they actually read my entries. My point is, that come later in life, when you're looking for a job, some employers might look at your blog and read your writing that could land you a great writing job either for them in print or on their website.


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