Can I Persuade You?

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"Yet manipulating readers by appealing to their fears and insecurities is deeply disrespectful. If you're attempting to persuade your readers, it should be on the basis of appeals to their intelligence and maturity."
-Writing for the Web 3.0

Three Elements of Persuasion:
1- Logical Argument
    Stating a proposition of some kind with supporting reasons.
2- Emotional Appeal
    Invoking ideas and images that stir our readers' feelings, we can gain attention that logical argument alone may not achieve. You may find that facts, not loaded language, can inspired emotions in the readers.
3- Credibility
    Using the readers' language and registers they are comfortable with can strongly enhance your credibility. Make sure to demonstrate a shared interest between you and your readers and convey sincerity through your tone and evident desire to help readers view your site.

Kilian says to make sure you write in the language your readers will understand; however, I sometimes visit a site that I don't really understand what they are saying. It is hard to make sure that anyone that comes to your site will understand you completely. The vistiors that will come the most will either know about you or your ideas and will repeatedly come back for more. But for those visitors that came to the site on a whim, they may become lost in the language that is normal to the regulars of the site.


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