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So it's that time again to compile our blogging portfolio. It's amazing that we completed the first third of the semester and it's only been four weeks.

Within these four short weeks, I have learned, as well as my classmates how to correctly write professional e-mails, how to create a website with the help of HTML, and we also reviewed articles about social networks and professionalism.

As a class, we have expressed our opinions about social networks, formal and informal e-mails, web shorthand, emoticons and the use of this new technical language in school work.

It's been a windy and bumpy road trying to figure out HTML, but the long was short-lived and was guided with the help of my classmates.

This blog entry is a compiled list that demonstrates my accomplishments so far in Writing for the Internet.

COVERAGE: Below are a few entries that contain either a direct quote from an assigned reading or from my progress on my Castro website.

The First Amendment, the Internet and Blogs

Informal Style of Electronic Messages in School Work

Creepy Trolls on the Web

Teachers Let Loose on Facebook and other Social Networks

Internet Etiquette? There really is such a thing?

Kilian Ch 1

Kilian Ch 2

The Professional VS. the Personal

Finally Finished the Castro Site

TIMELINESS: These entries are agenda items posted 24 hours before class discussion or papers posted before the next meeting.

Kilian Ch 1

Kilian Ch 2

Current Events Linked Essay

People Aren't Perfect Until They Smile =)

Tell Me How You Really Feel, Neal

A Vicious Mockery

INTERACTION: These are entries that show my ability to interact with my peers on their blogs as well as my own.

I caused up a riot on my Online Lingua Franca blog.

Comment on Kevin's, "Do We Measure Our Lives in Sound Bites?"

Chelsea and the Trolls. Where do I begin?

Alex loves Chunky Monkey. My thoughts are exposed.

Jackie gets personal with the web. I completely understand.

Comment on Andy and his "Technology, Writing and Personality Blog"

DEPTH: The entries below demonstrate my ability to write in depth about a particular issue or assigment.

Online Lingua Franca is a blog entry in response to the many views of  the spitfire conversational style of Internet instant messaging that many believe is taking over the academic world.

This next blog is about the use of emoticons, especially the smiley and how I use it and why I use it.

This entry is about Neal Stephenson who despised the smiley at first then came to the sense that there is a use for it. I show my thoughts on him and his first article about the smiley.

 Here is an entry or two where I left a significant comment on classmate's blog that sparked conversation.

The toilet and Chelsea: New to the Pot- New to the net

Kevin and the Newbie: His Hatred of Them. (JK)

EXTRA TID BITS: This is just a little something extra to dwell in.

This is my homepage. It is still a work in progess.

This is an angry blog entry I created about the price of oil.


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