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Okay, so I was finally getting the hang of this whole website thing. I got up to page like 33, viewed the website and it was all messed up. But 3 pages before that i viewed it and it was fine. I looked over ALL the codes and they looked fine, so I tried it again, and it was still messed up. So I viewed the codes again, looked fine and still no good.

During class, Dr. Jerz pointed out to me that I forgot a closing quotation and that I added an extra line space that would allow the computer to get confused and mess up (even though I'm the one who messed up).

Now, I'm off to finish this postcard site.



Err... did you run into a snag after you were all confident and happy? That's a bummer! But don't worry -- we'll go over it in class. I can't promise you'll never be frustrated by HTML, but what you said in an earlier post was right -- it's not all that hard, but it has to be exact, and it requires you to develop a particular kind of problem-solving method that we will discuss in class (not just today, but more in depth later on in the term). Keep up the good attitude, and I think you'll find the whole process rewarding (when you look back on it, if not at this very moment).

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