Internet etiquette? WTF?

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At the beginning of every academic year, as a new crop of college students started playing around with their network accounts, Usenet old-timers complained that the communities they had nurtured and maintained according to the rules of netiquette were invaded by clueless newbies who (like me) trampled the flowerbeds, tracked mud into the front parlor, didn't clear our plates when we were finished eating, laughed at all the wrong times, and didn't laugh at the right times. We didn't know when to post a smiley, when to attribute a quotation, and when to STFU.
-Clueless Usenet Newbie

I thoroughly enjoyed this blog by this mysterious character whom I still can't seem to figure out...NOT!

Like Kevin says on his blog, "When one introduces something that has been private for a while people tend to enter it is mass numbers. In those mass numbers, it is hard to weed out the psychos from the sane, the intellectuals from the conspiracy theorist."

I completely understand why the old-timers would have become upset when a younger generation came to the understanding of Usenet and completely blew it out of proportion. It is shocking to think that a one time in Dr. Jerz's life he was once clueless to the internet but more so with Usenet. He broke into the well-maintained and proper Usenet community and went against all rules of netiquette because he was a clueless newbie. I think it is hilarious that there a type of etiquette one must have on the internet. I mean there are boundaries one must be aware of and make sure they voice their opinions in a certain manner, but netiquette? For real?

But isn't this true for all of us even if it isn't related to the internet or computers? We were all once clueless newbies to something and made mistakes that the old-timers would ridicule us and hate us.

As I was saying about newcomers, its like Facebook when it first started at as a college social network then when the high school students were allowed to join, the whole thing went down the toilet. Now Facebook, to me, sucks. 

Well I guess that's just life. Everyone is a newcomer at points in their lives then everyone becomes an old-timer bitching at all the stupid kids. HAHAHAHA.



Alex Hull said:

I think most of us mentioned Facebook as a comparison to Usenet. Unlike you, I don't know what Facebook was like before high school students. But I've heard it was better then. So long to the old ...

I may not have gotten your point entirely, but I believe I pulled out the point that you don't believe netiquette is necessary. Really? The internet has become such a widespread way of communicating that I think there has to be some kind of set of rules. A set of etiquette rules, as it were. Just as there are certain unacceptable things in the real world, so are there in the virtual world. You don't spit in someone's face unprovoked. Even if you are provoked, it is still looked on unkindly. In cyberspace, you don't flame unprovoked. Even if you feel you have been personally offended, flaming is still not looked at kindly.

In this respect, I think a sort of netiquette is beneficial. But then again, I'm one of those high school Facebook invaders =]

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